CAAWS Pet Touch Therapy in Baton Rouge & Surrounding Areas

The love from a pet has a powerful effect on people. A furry companion can bring many health benefits to seniors in nursing homes, rehab patients, or students who are stressed with finals. Through CAAWS’ Pet Touch Therapy program, our volunteers bring their gentle dogs to interact with the community to help brighten their day and improve their overall well-being. To schedule a visit from our PTT team, email caawsmail@yahoo.com.

Pet Touch Therapy Benefits

Studies have shown that pets can lower blood pressure, reduce stress, and create a feeling of well-being.

Additional benefits include:

Spread Joy Through Pet Touch Therapy & Sign Up to Be a Volunteer

CAAWS always needs volunteers for Pet Touch Therapy visits. If you are interested in participating with your pet, basic obedience training is recommended.

The primary requirement is to have a desire to share yourself and your well-socialized pet with others who may need a friend.

To participate, pets must be:

If you would like to volunteer for the Pet Touch Therapy group, or if you know of a facility that would like to be visited, please contact our organization. We also encourage volunteers to take along a camera to capture and share the memories with the individuals we visit.


R.H. Baton Rouge

“Volunteers provided me stress relief and a sense of calm and happiness by allowing me to pet their dogs. The visit provided an opportunity for reminiscing about my own pets thus giving me much joy. I think the volunteers felt good about the positive outcome of the visit. My experience proves Pet Touch Therapy is a win-win experience for both sides… the givers and the receivers.”

We Couldn’t Make These Sessions Happen in Baton Rouge without Your Support

The only way CAAWS can continue to be a safe haven for pets is through your gracious donations. Monetary donations are used to maintain our Baton Rouge shelter and care for the animals we house.

Please consider donating to CAAWS today.