Donate to the Felix Fund for Emergency Vet Costs

The Felix Fund will secure donations for emergency vet visits, so money is never a factor in saving one of our dogs or cats. Emergency vet appointments determine which tests are needed for an animal’s health and can cost thousands of dollars, as it was the case for Felix.

Felix's Story

Felix was a healthy 2-year-old Husky mix filled with energy and love when he came to CAAWS in 2016. He was adopted out to what we thought would be his forever home. Unfortunately, after being adopted, he was returned to another shelter due to health problems.

We retrieved Felix and brought him back to CAAWS. Sadly, Felix was sick beyond help, and we made the hardest decision anyone in animal rescue has to make, which was to let him go in peace.

CAAWS understands that life circumstances can change after adopting your pet or that a mismatch occurs even though we try our hardest to match the pet with compatible owners. Whether a personality doesn’t mesh or you are no longer financially able to care for a pet because you have a baby, you get divorced, or must move to a residence where pets aren’t allowed, we accept back the pet with open arms.

Today, in honor of Felix, the Felix Fund allows other animals to have a fighting chance by covering emergency vet costs of returned pets. We state in our adoption contract that CAAWS always takes back any of its dogs or cats, no matter their condition. CAAWS wants every past and future adopter to know that WE ARE HERE if you have any questions, need advice, or can no longer care for your adopted CAAWS pet.