CAAWS Board of Directors​


Glenda Parks

CAAWS Volunteer Since 1989 | Board Member Since 2000

CAAWS President Glenda Parks has had a passion for animal welfare since reading Black Beauty for the first time as a child. She began working in animal care as a young teen – training the family dogs in her Metairie, LA, neighborhood. She would later use those skills to start a dog training business. She believed that by working with dog owners to train their pets, she could keep those dogs from being dumped at animal control units, or worse, mistreated and ignored. 

For Glenda, CAAWS became the place to continue her work in animal welfare. She is honored to work with individuals with the same passion for saving animals. She credits not only the volunteers of CAAWS but its outreach programs such as the Mystic Krewe of Mutts Festival and Santa CAAWS to create the much-needed awareness of animal welfare issues. Although cruelty does exist in the world, there is much more love and support for CAAWS to make a difference and give a brighter future to all dogs and cats.


Greg Jones

CAAWS Board Member since 1988

For over 20 years, Greg has served CAAWS in multiple positions. He chaired the Building Committee since 2004 and served as Vice President since 2005. He’s been involved with animal rescue efforts after Hurricane Katrina and the Mystic Krewe of Mutts Festival since its start. 

Outside of CAAWS, he still shows his love for animals with his involvement in the Borzoi Club of America, the International Silken Windhound Society, and the Afghan Hound Club of America. He also enjoys the competition of showing his dogs whenever possible. He admires their companionship along with the natural and wild aspects of all animals.

Immediate Past President

Frank Parks

CAAWS Volunteer Since 1989 | Board Member Since 2003

Frank faithfully served as the president of CAAWS for three years. During his time, he got to learn every aspect of the organization from the inside out. Today, he’s proud of the dedication of the CAAWS’ volunteers. 

His respect for animals started when he was a child while growing up with dogs in his home. Dogs have always brought him joy. Currently, he has two rescued Basset Hounds from CAAWS. 

Sponsorship Coordinator

Kathy McCutcheon

CAAWS Volunteer Since 2004 | Board Member Since 2009

For over 40 years, Kathy has worked in the Baton Rouge community as a CAAWS volunteer. She has brought several skills to the organization, such as program development, event planning, fundraising, publishing, and public relations. Through her work with CAAWS, she hopes to continue the mission for animal welfare in her current position as a sponsorship coordinator.

Her love for animals extends to her home with two rescue dogs named Abby and Buddy and to her “grandpets,” including three cats and dogs. 


Mathilde Rivera

CAAWS Volunteer Since 2008 | Board Member Since 2013

Mathilde has been with CAAWS since 2008 and has worn many hats since. She started as a volunteer helping with adoptions in the cat program before joining more than a few committees within the organization. She has held a position on the CAAWS Board since 2013.

Her favorite part of CAAWS is the dedication and selflessness that people in the community have for animal welfare. Through her work with CAAWS, she hopes to spread the importance of spaying and neutering animals. At home, she cares for two 7-year-old rescue dogs named Teton and Bella.

Financial Secretary

Charles Beard

CAAWS Volunteer Since 2011 | Board Member Since 2014

Charles has volunteered with CAAWS for over nine years, including serving faithfully as the chief financial officer for five years. His ambitions for CAAWS include doubling spay and neuter services within the next five years.

He has two cats rescued by CAAWS named Xander and Madeline.

Public Relations/Media

Libby Haydel

CAAWS Volunteer Since 2008 | Board Member Since 2017

Libby has brought nearly 20 years of writing, design, and all things public relations to CAAWS. Since her time as a volunteer, her love for the organization has been reflected in the passion every volunteer has shown toward saving cats and dogs.

As a self-proclaimed “foster failure,” she has fostered and adopted two tabby cats through the CAAWS animal shelter.