Siamese Mix


Estimated Date of Birth:


FeLV/ FIV Negative

This is a courtesy listing for a member of the public, meaning that they are not in our program so you will need to contact them directly if you are interested in adopting Bleu. Email to inquire about Bleu..

From Caretakier:

Found as a stray 2 months ago, Bleu is a sweet, friendly girl and I just want to a good forever home for her. Bleu is friendly towards my cats and dogs. She tries to get along with my cats, but they haven’t warmed up to her. Bleu respects the distance my cats wants. Bleu is tolerant of dogs. Unknown how she reacts with children. I will guess she will do fine with children as long as they are taught how to interact with a cat properly.

Even though a stray. Bleu is very affectionate and friendly. You won’t think she is a stray. She has adapted to indoor life well including the litter box. She loves to play with people, loves to be petted and loves to sleep on the bed at my feet. Bleu will make a fine additional to a home with other pets or as an the only pet.

Bleu curled up in bed with her belly up