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American Staff Terrier


Estimated Date of Birth:


Heart Worm Negative

Notes: can be very selective with male dogs, especially of the same size as him – he is not good with cats at all — Owner mentions has been positive with children. *Located in Baton Rouge* Odin is not a CAAWS dog but a courtesy listing. Email his caretaker at kdupuy@cox.net to inquire about adopting or for more information.
Information from caretaker:
Odin is a big boy with a big personality. A 3 year old 70lb American Staffordshire Terrier, this big bold goober is loyal to a fault and guaranteed to make you laugh. Unfortunately, he is not the best match for his current situation and would love a place to finish growing into his best self. He’s looking for a new owner with a less crowded lifestyle to take and lead him into the next part of his life and give all his love to. He has already had a lot of training with plenty of room to grow. Crate trained with decent recall depending on his environment, he walks well on a leash, knows all the basics, eager to please and ready to play at a moment’s notice. He’s happy to spend the day on the couch with his favorite humans, however this muscleman needs his daily exercise. Sometimes personal space is foreign to him and he is not aware of his size as he snuggles up to get close to his favorite people. He just wants you to touch him and if you find that special spot on his chest and neck he’ll beg you not to stop. He can be weary of new people around the ones he loves, especially in tight quarters, but warms up quickly when introduced properly. He’s just looking for another compassionate and understanding owner that can provide him space he needs to feel secure and enjoy life. As far as other pets go, he does best with female dogs and most male dogs slightly smaller than him, but has had plenty of big male dog friends over his life. He has a long history of going to camp and interacting with other dogs, the majority of which has been positive. He loves to play rough with the ladies and some of the guys too if they are more submissive. Kitties are a no go. He is not suited for dog parks, as he does not stand down to any funny business from unknown dogs trying to be dominant.  All interactions with kids have been positive