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Pitbull Mix


Estimated Date of Birth:


Heart Worm Negative

Notes: Can have food and toy aggression and is very selective with dogs and would be best in a home without other dogs. *Located in New Orleans* Hank is not a CAAWS dog but a courtesy listing. Email his caretaker at lucasapwieser@gmail.com to inquire about adopting or for more information.
Information from caretaker:
Hank is a super loving boy who would do best in a home with lots of space to run and play. He loves all toys and playing fetch and tug-o-war. He is high energy and loves all the walks/jogs he can get but also loves to snuggle up on the couch to watch TV. He is very obedient about certain things – he will run right into his crate when you tell him. He comes, sits, and stays very well. He is not destructive at all and has never chewed something he wasn’t supposed to. He has had some issues with food/toy aggressiveness (especially if he has a new bone treat) and would benefit from obedience training. He gets along with some dogs no problem and will run and play for hours, while others he will be aggressive towards right away. Overall Hank is very affectionate and wants to be close to all people he encounters.

Hank is super loving towards all people, including children, but if he were chewing a bone and a child approached unexpectedly or from behind he may get aggressive. Dogs are hit or miss whether he will get along. He has lived with a cat before and will chase them but won’t get aggressive with them as far as I know.