DSH, Brown Tabby


Estimated Date of Birth:


FeLV/ FIV Negative

Medical Notes: Inappropriate urinary elimination history. Potential Adopter or foster should discuss history with Adoption Counselor/Foster Coordinator for more information. Eyes were fused at outside corners at birth – had surgery to correct, eyelids now normal though they may appear a bit closed. No vision issues, no future problems anticipated at all, just should be checked at each annual exam.
My name is Ginger. I have been around other cats all my life, but I really like to be the one in charge! I may be little, but I have big personality and don’t mind bossing other cats (or humans!) around. Really all of that is just so I can get as many snuggles as possible. If you want me to snuggle on your warm lap and purr away, talk to my adoption counselor friends! You can watch my YouTube video here!