Our Spay and Neuter Programs

Thank you to the Bissell Pet Foundation for providing financial support for our spay and neuter efforts

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The $25.00 off spay/neuter coupon can be applied to the normal spay/neuter charges for cats and dogs at any participating veterinarian. The coupons only apply to cats and dogs, and they are not transferable to other animals or people. This program is offered to anyone on a first come first serve basis, with a limit of two per person per month and six per year. You may obtain a coupon by going to either dog adoptions at our Quinn Drive facility on Saturday's from 11-3pm, or you may fill out this form.

Please be aware that it can take up to three weeks for spay/neuter coupons to be issued through the mail, so plan ahead. Otherwise, please go to an adoption day to obtain one in person.

Made possible with a grant from:

CAAWS offers spay/neuter vouchers to low income residents of East Baton Rouge and the surrounding parishes. Applications are processed on a first come first serve basis and proof of income will be required prior to a voucher being issued. The voucher will cover the cost of a spay/neuter surgery and a rabies vaccination at a CAAWS approved veterinary clinic.

To apply for this program, please click here to access the application and more information about the low income spay/neuter assistance program. If you have any questions regarding the low income spay/neuter assistance program, please email caawsmail@yahoo.com.

This program is offered to residents who are having problems with multiplying feral/stray cats in neighborhoods, businesses, etc. It usually involves colonies of cats, many of which are abandoned unaltered pets, who continue to multiply. With proper TNR and caretaking, these colonies can be Trapped, Neutered/spayed and Released (TNR) to live out their lives, without continuing to reproduce. The TNR program has been proven to be the humane alternative of controlling cat reproduction, rather than continually killing these cats at animal control facilities, which has been proven to be ineffective. This program is offered free, however, donations are greatly appreciated to ensure funding for continued success. CAAWS loans traps for trapping feral cats. Please fill out the Feral Cat Assistance Form, or email us at caawsmail@yahoo.com for further information.


Spay Baton Rouge: For more information or to apply on-line, go to SpayBatonRouge.org.

LSU Spay Day: Contact Cat Haven at 225-636-2680

Baton Rouge Spay/Neuter is a new low cost spay/neuter clinic that is available to everyone. At this writing, cost is $35/male cat, $55/female cat, $55/male dog, $85/female dog. You can use the $25 coupon at this clinic which greatly reduces the cost. Please see their website for more information: http://brsn.org, or call (225) 218-1296.

Spay Spa, a new low cost spay clinic, located at 12480 Hwy 190W in Erwinville, La., 225-627-5772. Cat spays are $40 and cat neuters are $35.

All programs are offered to residents of East Baton Rouge Parish and surrounding areas only.