Feral Cat Program

The purpose of the Feral Cat Program is to reduce the cat overpopulation crisis in Baton Rouge through a program of trapping, sterilizing, marking, and releasing (TNR) feral cats to managed colonies and to assist the public in sterilizing feral and outdoor cats.

The most efficient way to sterilize your feral cats is through our public assistance program. How it works is simple. CAAWS lends you traps, covers all veterinary costs, and will help you coordinate with the participating veterinary clinics. A volunteer will initially meet with you to show you how the traps works and will thoroughly explain the process of trapping and releasing.

Volunteers at CAAWS will also be available to help with any situation that you are unable to handle. However, the majority of the burden of trapping the cats will rest on you. This tends to work best because we can immediately begin working with you to sterilize your feral cats. Also, as feral cats grow to trust their caregiver, it will be easier for you to trap the cats than a volunteer whom the colony does not trust.

If you are unable to trap the cats yourself, or know of a colony or place that needs CAAWS assistance with feral cats, then CAAWS volunteers may be able to take on all the duties of TNR. However, since all of our volunteers work or go to school full time, we are limited in our ability to handle nearly as many calls in this area. However, we will be happy to assist you whenever we are able to do so.

A donation for our assistance with your feral cats would, of course, be greatly appreciated and readily put to use to continue to sterilize feral cats in our city. However, this is in no way required.

Please contact us at caawsmail@yahoo.com or by phone at 225-752-5801.

Why is TNR Important

The ultimate solution to animal overpopulation and euthanasia as a means of population control lies in the practice of spay and neuter. An important aspect of this is the sterilization of the feral cat population. Due to our climate, Baton Rouge's feral cat population is extremely large, and this exponentially increases the number of unwanted kittens born every year.

As East Baton Rouge Parish Animal Control euthanizes well over 10,000 animals yearly, it is absolutely vital that CAAWS, other animal welfare organizations, and the general public do everything in their power to practice the policy of spay/neuter in the domestic and feral cat populations in Baton Rouge. This is the only viable and humane solution to the monumental problem our city faces.

The Future of the Program

It takes two things to keep the feral cat program going: volunteers and money. Both are greatly needed.

If you wish to volunteer, please fill out a volunteer application and turn it into CAAWS. If you wish to make a donation, please see the donation link, and mark donations for the feral program.

Thank you for any support you can give us.